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Within the precincts Racibór are visible remains of the fortifications Positions Szczycieńskiej. Plans to build fortifications along the coastline of the Masurian lakes in 1898 postały., it was protected from the intrusion of Russian cavalry into East Prussia.
In 1918. under the Treaty of Versailles most of fortification has been demilitarized. It was not until the accession of Germany to the League of Nations in 1926. allowed for the expansion of old facilities. The resulting concrete bunkers, firewall and anti-tank barriers, concrete positions for machine guns and antitank ditch.
After the war, some shelters have been blown up, the other objects have been plundered and destroyed. Still, the strengthening of a tourist attraction, particularly among young people.


Lake Marksoby resulted from glacial activity. It is situated 137m above sea-level Its surface is 154 hectares. Maximum depth 10m. On the southern shore of the lake the river flows Rozoga. Lake along the shoreline is a place for living and reproduction of many species of birds and animals. Covered by a zone of silence.